Gold Point


Gold Point is sold to our member only. If you are not a member yet, please register as our member first then apply to purchase this point.

1 Gold Point Is Locked At CP 1,000.00. For every 1 Gold Point you accumulates, you will be entitle for 1 Hibah Shares. The actual price for 1 Hibah Share is lock at CP1,500.00. So, you are getting CP 500.00 as a discount for this point.

This share is yours for a lifetime, it is transferable and is inheritable as long as your account is active with us.

Hibah Shares is the way you could enjoy our gift from The Hibah Fund where all the profits of this project being channel into. Hibah means Gift.. and we give Community Point (CP) in your Community Wallet (C-Wallet) every 1st of the month. (Subject to funds available at that time)

The CP that you receive from us in your C-Wallet can be use to redeem any products or services in MyCommunityMall for free.

All income  from the sales of Platinum Point, Gold Point and Silver Point will be channel into MyCommunityMall Management Fund to help us finance overall operation of this project.

Thank you very much for your contribution and please enjoy all the products and the hibah that we are going to prepare for you from time to time.

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